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CONSUMER DECISION PROCESS 1.0 Introduction As a consumer we are forced into making decisions everyday of our lives. Every purchase involves some sort of decision process. To gain an edge, marketers need to understand the thought process involved with consumers and their purchases. Part of understanding the way consumers think is the consumer decision-making process model. This model involves the steps that a consumer would sub consciously make when making a purchase. The model is not a set of step-by-step procedures manual that consumers take, but it is what occurs in consumers sub consciously. Depending on the purchase, the individual, and situation affecting the consumer, the decision process will vary.

The decision process model looks at how an individual thinks when making a purchase, and behaviours linked to a consumer before, during and after the purchase.

There are five phases involved in the consumer decision process model, which will be examined throughout the report.

A character making high involvement purchase will be used to examine the phases of the process in more detail.

1.1 The Character Name: Shane Smith Address: 20 Hall Rd, Tullamarine Age: 40 Gender: Male Martial Status: Married, 2 children, 1 on the way Occupation: Factory Worker Shane Smith is a factory worker and is happily married to wife Karen. They have 2 children aged 1 and 4 and are expecting their third child shortly. Shane drives an old Beatle and Karen drives a 1993 Hyundai Excel. With a new child shortly to arrive, a new car is necessary so Shane and Karen have decided to purchase a new car.

1.2 What Shane & Karen are looking for The features Shane and Karen are looking for in their car are safety, space, comfort, reliability, fuel economy and resale value. Modifying components and optional extras aren?t necessary although...