Consumer Reactions To Online Banking

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ABSTRACT Using the latest developments in technology, banks are increasingly moving or adding business to the internet. With this come many problems that might arise and must be dealt with quickly and to the fullest extent. This exploratory study investigated what the problems online banking users had with the service they were provided and what they loved about it. Results shown that there were many more things to like about it then to hate about it and that many non-users of online banking had many misconceptions about the security of transactions taken place online.

INTRODUCTION Back in 1989, the year the first George Bush was elected president, and the big autumn disaster story was a giant earthquake in San Francisco, the banking industry was debating a radical new concept called "home banking". It was not a concept that was thought highly of at first. Various entrepreneurial bankers often dismissed the idea that people could do transactions at home or in the office without needing to visit a branch.

A number of devices were presented as channels, including the standard telephone, a "screen" telephone with a small digital display, and that newish device that had started to crop up in the homes of the very well-heeled, the personal computer. This was just the start where this concept of online banking was introduced as a possibility in the future. There were no definite answer on when this concept would be put in place where people could do there banking activities in the comfort of there homes. Online banking began on October 6, 1995, when Presidential Savings Bank offered its customers an online alternative to traditional brick and mortar banking. This move in electronic customer convenience was quickly emulated by an Internet only bank, Security First Network Bank, and then followed...