Consumerism Amongst Teenagers

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In the past three months I have bought: Clothes( including jeans, jackets, shirts, socks, belts, pajamas), Tiffany's key chain, ski rental, ski equipment ( backpack, vest, etc), concert tickets, and cds.

When I thought about it the only item that could be considered a necessity would be my clothes. In this case however I could not consider them to be a necessity because I already had hundreds of dollars worth of clothes at home some still with tags on them. In the past three months I have spent well over 500 dollars on clothes. This is an extreme case though, because even though it may sound funny I AM a shopaholic. This may not even be an illness, but it is for me. When I see a new outfit, I simply have to have it. It's not greed that propels me to have this, I just love the feeling of the word new.

I am definitely working on that however and It really is just and obsession that I have with clothes. But consumerism most likely put that idea in my head.

Some frequently advertised items that I bought would be cd's. I mean they are always on the radio and when you hear a song that you really like you want to hear it all the time and what better way than to buy the cd? The key chain that I bought could be considered a fad (although when I bought it I planned on using it well into my adulthood). In a few years I may decide that perhaps Tiffany's is just to cliché or maybe I don't like silver anymore. Even the clothes I bought may go out of style in a few months, so they could be considered a fad for that matter also.

I could...