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This ia an analysis essay covering both john cheevers "the enormous radio" and Juliet b schor's "the culture of consumerism. Basically points from the culture of consumerism are used to back up the ideas of consumerism in "the enormous radio." This is a descent essay, that should provide good ideas about consumerism, and demonstrates how to use ideas from authors to bring up points in another authors work.


The Enormous Radio is a parable about excess consumerism in many ways that reaffirm schor's observations in, "The culture of Consumerism." When we first encounter the Westcotts they resemble the average income middle class people who spend what they work for, and dream big. They have a well furnished apartment, good clothes to wear, and enjoy music and concerts. They live outside of their means, and form the image of a family wading through the dark, and tempting waters of consumerism, like the Queen Mary dredging through a sea of snickers.

In "The Culture of Consumerism," Schor describes how many people seek to be like their neighbors, and spend what they earn to keep up. The Westcotts fit this description quite well. They live, do, and dress the same as their friends, classmates, and neighbors. And spend what they earn, as they earn it to keep up. The Westcotts have assimilated information about the lifestyles of others who have vastly different incomes than themselves, and the result is a lifestyle where they live outside of their means. The people who are there lifestyle points of reference are there friends and neighbors mainly. I do not feel that the Westcotts at first thought that they were lavish on spending, but instead they bought as they needed, and wanted to reach a quality of life standpoint where they felt comfortable. Though there were...