Are consumers truly "overloaded" with marketing information - or not?

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People are exposed every day to many hundreds of messages in their environment, some of which try to inform, persuade, convince, teach or change their behaviour. There are many information sources, such as advertising, family and friends.

The need for knowledge and information represents an essential element in corporate planning. It has become an important economic factor in production, where it is used to show the elements needed for market growth management.

New research proves that the increasing amount of disposable information exceeds the human capacity to process it all. The problem of excessive information comes from the interplay of technology with the supply of information, while the demand for information comes from the decisions and behaviour of marketing managers.

The goal of this study is to introduce the content and methods of information overload, the choice and testing of hypotheses from the conclusions given, as they are specific to managers and consumers.

Marketing information

Marketing information is a field of application and the aim is to specify information overload, management activities, and the order of activities investigated. Some hypotheses are given to identify the information content of marketing.

When we discuss the above topic, we have to speak in detail about what kind of information is needed in marketing, how it affects the market and consumers, since when all information is stored and identified, this will help to explain and define the market.

In fact, consumers and managers face such an extensive supply of information that it could be called a flood. It is clear that different methods of investigating the problem of marketing information will be required to enable the problems to be identified, so that they can then be addressed and solved (Ritter, 2002).

Communication processes and sources of information

"Market communications is management process through...