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Hunter Roberts



Parents Stress in Jobs

"Double Daddy" by Penny Parker

This article is about a father who is a stay at home dad and about other fathers trying to be with their families more than their jobs. Dads have a lot of stress when it comes to balancing work and family on top of the stress from their jobs. It gets hard when they get up early in the morning to work and when they get home they are tired and stretched to the limit. Brian Wills is a stay at home dad that loves to be with his kids every day. Unlike the mom in most family's he does the cleaning, shopping. He explains some of his daily chores and activities. He says he would not trade staying at home for a job.

"Diary of a Mad Blender" by Sue Shellenbarger

The article by Sue Shellenbarger is about a mom who try's a few different things to use her time better and to juggle things better.

She began splicing her time into work and family. Since she works from home she juggles a lot of different things in her day, such as her basic life. She has begun taking her work with her to many places, such as doctor and dentists appointments, or little trips to the ski slopes. She also has tried a things to ease some of the stress, such as meowing like a cat to relax her face muscles or writing a post card to a friend. She would also do things in her spare time like doing laundry or organizing papers and mail while watching TV. She warns fellow jugglers that it was easier for her because she could move her work into family time easier than most could.

"The Childs View...