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"Art is Universal" Art is universal. Language, time, and culture can be shown in a moment of appreciation. Contemporary Art celebrates colors and shapes without giving an exact image. However it illustrates certain points by lighting them. In it people can create a fantasy of colors by looking at the painting different extensions. Sometimes contemporary art seems to be about nothing at all. But there is a reason. To discover what it is involves looking with a responsive eye.

To evaluate what makes a painting valuable, there are several points to have in mind. Viewing the painting in terms of the elements of art is the first step. The elements of art include: line, shape, color, and texture. The way the artist defines the basic elements, combines them, and uses them is what makes a work of art unique. When creating a work of art, the painter uses different perceptions, which are expressed in through certain effects.

These effects are rhythm, balance, variety, emphasis, variety, and unity. The way an artist emphasize things in a painting affects the response of people to that work of art. The expressive quality of the artwork is the most important point to look at. There are some imaginative ways to interpret a painting, to re-create an artwork. It may be call, sometimes, solving a puzzle.

The language of art is difficult to learn. Sensory words describe qualities in a painting that remind people of things they can touch, see, taste, smell, or hear. Artists in many different styles, media, and methods use basic parts of a painting. It is known from history that they are vocabulary for creating a work of art and for talking about it, but no rules for artists to follow.

Lines are use as one of the most...