Contemporary Art Work Comparison of Beth Lipman and Josiah Mcelheny

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The language of art is best understood when an artist is able to communicate meaning or emotion through their work, it is at this point when the viewer is able to truly experience art for its purpose and not just the aesthetics of it all. While some artist illustrate intimate life experiences, personal beliefs or even their own vivid imaginations, others create for a purpose of bringing forth a message based on issues of culture and history that we can all relate to. Beth Lipman and Josiah Mcelheny have made a name for themselves in the art world by creating unconventional forms from their own understandings of modernity and art's historical past. Even though Josiah and Beth have changed people's perspectives and views about glass, they differ in their glass making techniques, and how they incorporate historical and modern history into each piece of their work.

Beth Lipman is a rising star in the art world and is best known for creating works that revolve around historical still life paintings, decadence and a universal favorite, food.

Lipman's influences come from many of the great Flemish and Dutch painters who show life, death, and immortality through aspects of movement, expressive line and shades of light. Most importantly, Lipman hopes that her viewers walk away from her work contemplating the issues that surround her work such as mortality, the after life, materialism, spirituality, and politics. In addition to up and coming artists in the contemporary art world, Josiah Mcelheny is also known for his beautiful glass creations Josiah Mcelheny has made a name for himself in the contemporary art world by the studio glass movement and his own ideas and concepts he has about history and the modern world. Although there are many techniques in the glass-making world, Josiah is known for...