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Mythology originates from the Greek word mythos meaning a story or legend. That is stories that particular cultures believe to be true. These stories often have supernatural characters that will explain the nature of the universe or humanity. The one myth that has affected my worldview and shapes the values of society in general is that of the single-family myth. One myth that is prevalent in the United States about single-parent families is that children who are raised by single parents are likely to get into more troublesome issues in society and have more social problems (MetLife). Many of these children are said to be abusive, thieves, and many times get involved in drugs. Another myth about single parent homes is that these children never learn to develop healthy relationships as adults (MetLife).

Single parenting happens for more reasons than just divorce. Many times a family may lose one parent due to death, war, sickness, or to crimes that have caused the parent to spend life in prison.

Another reason that many women or men decide to be single parents is that they do not want the conflict or problems that can come with marriage. For my own daughters sake I became a single mother after 9 years of an abusive relationship. I decided it was better to raise her by myself than for her to see the violence brought on from a bad marriage. For this reason my worldview, values and practices have been shaped around my decision as being the right one.

To be a successful parent and raise a well mannered and intelligent child there is more to just providing shelter, food, and clothing. The raising of a child to make good decisions that are reasonable and rational is the goal for most...