Contemporary Native American Issues

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Today we hear about the colonization of a group of people, one of those groups are, the First Nation People. For many years, the non-native people have been trying to assimilate the First Nations People, to make them as part of mainstream society or in other words "civilized". For centuries, the First Nations people have lived off the land, and survived this way. To the Native people, using mother earth for her life that she gave us is important, and we respect her for all the gifts that she provides for us. I have chosen chapter four for my analysis, "Income, Inequality, Poverty and hunger", also I will be discussing the article, " Recognizing Traditional Environmental Knowledge", and a topic from my community of Wikwemikong which deals elders and social programs which assist the elders and other band members by providing food. I had inquired about why do some of the First Nation people live in poverty? Why is it that the government want to take away our treaty rights, dealing with the economic issues of education, health and aboright right and title, when some of the First Nations people already live in poverty.

In chapter four, the discussed the topics of Poverty, Inequality and hunger, amongst the poor people, visible minorities and single families. In todays's society there are a lot of people who are in the position of been poor, hungry and do not have equal access to programs of jobs. The First Nation people from all across Canada are in this position, but we have the highest rate of living in poverty. It is know, that First Nation students drop out of school and cannot obtain employment because there are not qualified because they did not complete any formal education, which put them into the poverty range.