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Normality was done to with the World War 2 contributing to this and within the 50’s many countries established Welfare in Europe.

The 1950’s was an era of post-war where economic problems were being faced by the Axis such as Germany and Italy and wartime rationing ended in many countries.

However, it was not too long before in the 1950s the economic reforms began to occur with the recovering former axis countries.

Especially, a sharp ascent through the economy in the 1950s occurred in America for the first time in thirty years.

In the 1950s, poverty continued in regions during recessions. The 1950’s were thought to be a time of an ‘Affluent Society’. High levels of unionization and government social spending occurred during this time.

However the cold war that occurred between Russia and USA affected domestic politics in many Western countries.

The tensions between the United States and Soviet union rapidly rose in the decade and the Arms race and Space race was started and the Soviet Union created more liberal policies after the death of its leader, Stalin.

With jazz hitting its peak during decade, rock and roll climaxed as it was led by Presley though was only popular with the younger generation and older generations condemning rock and roll.

During the 1950s, technological advances were done such as USS Nautilus being completed and being the first nuclear power submarine.

The first world commercial jet liner introduced by BOAC created a landmark for air travel in the future.

And also through the development of programming language, IBM developed Fortran.

The 1990s was a benchmark for globalization and global capitalism quickly progressing as the end of the Cold War came. The recession of the late 1980s was shaped together by key forces and technology introduced included the boom of...