Continuous writing :End your essay with '....are the keys to my past, present and future.'

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'Tod, please,please don't tell me that you have forgotten about us? Please, I beg you , Tod, Tod......' sobbed Emy furiously.

'Excuse me, miss, i'm sorry but i really don't know who the HELL YOU ARE!' SAID Kelvin Kent, the manager of the Jed Hotel. How could I possibly mix with a filthy little ugly bastard like you? Stay out of my way and i do not want to see you again!' remarked Kelvin sacarstically while scrolling down at the wailing Emy.

'And wait a minute,' said Kelvin when he was about to board his BMW.'How much do i have to pay you to shut your bloody mouth up?'

Upon hearing this, Emy's heart sanked. She didn't know how to react. Those heart-breaking words like thousands of burning arrows piercing nto he heart. Upon recting to the incurable pain, Emy demanded for ten million dollars and stormed away.

They both shared the same body, the same figure, the same voice and even the same heartbeat but yet, he was like another totally different soul standing just three inches in front of her.

She could recognise clearly that it's him. She couldn't been wrong. He was definitely the same guy who saved her life twice from the sea;who comforted her when she was down, who taught her how to run a hotel efficiently, who carried her out from the cave, who even proposed to her a week ago!Since he have disappeared, she never give up on him. She wanted him back by her side desperately. She loved him so much that she didn't want to lose him.

Sitting at his office desk, Kelvin felt puzzled. Since the encounter with 'her', he couldn't stop thinking of her. He couldn't concentreate on his job not even for a sencond. The cute little...