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Biologists through out the world are researching and are looking for ways to use the cells to make medicines and use cells to benefit the medicine industry. Some areas on which cell research are being carried on are Hybridomas, Tissue Culture etc. Hybridomas are "cells that result from fusion of two different cells", for example when normal blood cells are fused to cancer cells they produce huge amounts of antibodies which help our body to fight against the disease which are infectious. (Nelson Biology 11, P-23)

In this paper the main focus will be on Tissue Culture. Tissue culture can be defined as "the process or the technique of making blood tissue grow in a culture medium out side the organism." (Britannica 2002 Standard Edition, CD ROM). This technique of tissue culture can be performed in both plants and animals. The way tissue culture works is that first cells are grown using tissue extract, this extract consists of fixed proportion of nutrients required for the technique to work and the extract should be acidic or alkaline compared to the amount of cell nutrients needed..

After that tiny samples of tissues are dispersed containing the cells and then it is incubated at the temperature close to the natural tissue. (Britannica 2002 Standard Edition, CD ROM).

The technique of tissue culture was first done in 1907 by American Zoologist Ross G Harrison. What he did was he grew the nerve cell of the frog inside the fluid of clotted lymph. After the path he showed, from that time till now many experiments have been performed and majority of them has succeeded, not only by using lymph but also other fluid like plasma and blood sperm. (Britannica Standard Edition 2002,CD ROM) After looking at success of this technique...