Contract Negotiations, Accident and Stress Reduction, and Expatriation and Repatriation Plan

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When we talk about preparation, it is helpful to examine what works. There are many relevant elements to consider that should be applied when trying to prepare your team and your union for upcoming contract negotiations. "Whether those employees express it or not, they have high expectations on how we will lead them successfully towards improved wages, hours, working conditions, and benefits which is what unions want, what most of us want," (Dessler, 2005). With all those overwhelming expectations, we can get past the speed bumps promptly and efficiently. As we researched the subject of negotiations, we were able to ascertain some notable factors associated with contract negotiations.

"Management should try to avoid building any unnecessary wedges which will leave unfavorable impressions such as: poor leadership, the perception of abuse, or the loss of communication between the employees and management," (Welch, 2005). Establish a rapport with the union representative before the negotiation proceedings.

Schedule a day for the representative to visit the plant and solicit feedback. Convey to the union representative that our intention is to build a formidable alliance. It is essential to have a good working relationship with the union members. The union representative should have faith in you, which will build confidence in your decision-making skills.

The meeting should be held in a neutral arena, usually a boardroom. The union would be on one-side and management representatives on the other. The union would consist of the local union board and the regional union representatives that would meet with the HR manager and/or their lawyers, who would be their representatives. The type of setting is crucial because it would reflect how warm the invitation would be received. Both parties must remain composed and pay attention to the concerns addressed. This method would imply that the parties are entering...