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In order to appreciate the ways that art has shaped the cultural and societal values of our world, one must be able to be familiar with a variety of cultures and historical periods. The composition by Michael Torke, Bright Blue Music, and the renowned impressionistic painting The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh are prominent paradigms that illustrate the ways that artistic components relate.

The composition, Bright Blue Music has a tone and style that gives one the impression of a winter setting and the presence of nature. The overlapping of orchestral instruments and melodies present the effect of airy movement. In Vincent Van Gogh's impressionistic work, the deep tones of colors relate to the instrumentation in that the dark shades symbolize the heavy bass line and the bright yellow tones relate to the treble voice of the piece. The color use in the painting inspires a quite sadness and sobriety as stated by Emile Bernard.

"One feels sad in the presence of the cypresses, somber as magnetic lances piercing the stars; such nights strew comets in the dense ultramarine darkness." In a same light, one receives similar emotions when listening to the fluid melodies of Bright Blue Music.

The brush strokes and many varied colors that Van Gogh utilized create the impression of motion just as the layers of sound in Torke's arrangement provide a feeling of movement. Bright Blue Music transcends an idea of a winter night. Pierre Courthion describes Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night as being, "nocturnal illumination, its moving comprehension of nature as transcended by an exceptional temperament." The painting has a slight abstract quality within it just as the music sounds slightly abstract due to the synthesized resonance.

The most straightforward difference between both artistic works is the time periods in which...