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Essay by BlackRussian June 2005

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Report to Joe Block (MD) on recruitment, selection and induction processes in Build House Ltd.


Build House Ltd has over 16 building sites in the U.K. and has more than 1500 employees. The company is looking to expand its business from January 2005 when it acquires more building sites. This will mean employing additional labour in the region of 120 to 130 people.

In order to save costs, Build House Ltd has decided to make building engineers mobile by providing them with a company car. This will ensure that they are able to travel from site to site which will maximise the use of existing staff. This will reduce the need to recruit in this area.

There will however, be a deficit of middle managers but this can be overcome by acquiring them through internal promotions. Necessary training will have to be given to support and raise them to the standards required.

As has been done in the past, using the Job Centre to acquire additional labour will incur large costs. The control of the recruitment procedure will also be limited. There are benefits attached to the company running its own recruitment and selection process rather than outsourcing the work. It is for these reasons that this report outlines and suggests ways in which the company can improve the recruitment process and save on extra costs.

Recruitment & Selection

There are several techniques that can be used during the recruitment and selection process. The first step is to identify what positions need to be filled, detail the job functions and advertise to the public. This can be done via the press, media and internet.

As Build House Ltd is a construction company, the majority of staff required are builders. This is a highly skilled trade and so the need...