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We have been tasked to participate in the PROJECT in which we collaborated in order to evaluate the potential strength of contribution to be expected from the various members of an observed team. Each participating member submitted personality evaluations which revealed individual tendencies so that other members could assess each others' strengths for the task at hand. Following are the summarized attributes of each member based primarily on the results of the DiSC evaluation (Alessandra, 2009): Amanda was classified to be a Go-Getter who enjoys taking charge, being industrious and is more comfortable with delegating specific tasks (Alessandra, 2009). Christina was classified as an Enthusiast who dislikes routine, enjoys persuading others and prefers allowing others to deal with details (Alessandra, 2009). Katie was classified to be an Impresser who wishes to reach goals with flair, prefers to share in the work and would be a very focused and persistent team member (Alessandra, 2009).

Bridget was classified as a Go-Getter, who is considered to be relationship-focused and who would work slowly and cohesively with others(Alessandra, 2009). Robert and Ty are each classified as Pioneers, who are controllers, self demanding and are most comfortable as directors of projects (Alessandra, 2009).

With the several diverse and identified personality types included in the membership of the team there exists a need to establish a plan which will motivate each member so that they will not only maintain a positive attitude but also be encouraged to foster an accelerated level of teamwork. Any plan should be purposeful with a goal that is clearly stated. The goal of that plan should be positive and most certainly ought to be attainable in order to assist in the maintenance of the team member's motivation towards success. Further, the plan should be logical and make sense to the members...