The contributions that 'Managing Diversity' policies can make to the promotion of equality in organizations

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The concept of diversity management simply means to respect and understand that every individual has its own importance and is unique. Generally diversity is the recognition of individual's differences. It can be along different dimensions like gender, culture, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, age, physical abilities, political beliefs, socio-economic status and other different ideologies. But this is not comprehensive in any way because practically the diversity among people is limitless and it constantly changes with the global environment and time. Major differences like race, age, culture and gender are obvious but some difference (perceived differences) like personality and lifestyle, which change frequently on experiences and relationships, can be complicated to make out. The examination of these differences has to be done in a positive, nurturing and safe atmosphere.

[1] According to John Wrench, "Diversity management is the latest development in a sequence of strategies which have aimed to get excluded minorities better represented in employment."[2]

"Diversity goes beyond employment equity to nurturing an environment that values the differences and maximizes the potential of all employees, one that stimulates employee creativity and innovativeness." (U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (U.S. MSPB), 1993)The term diversity management in business can be defined as a firm which employs heterogeneous workforce (like different generations, gender, race, age etc) and creates such an atmosphere that works for all employees. In order to manage the diversity successfully, an organization must commit to maintain and create such a working environment that respects all the employees, acknowledging the perspective and the diverse talents of individuals. Organizations gain competitive advantages through low turnover, high motivation, less internal conflict and more job satisfaction if their workforce diversity is well managed. A diverse workforce enables an organization to better meet the requirements of their customers. Different new ideas are brought to the organizations...