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Control Mechanics

Shelly M Husch

University of Phoenix

Multimillion dollar companies fail for many reasons, but the one reason they fail is not one that many think of. Control Mechanics. Everyday employees have to face their boss on a daily basis; some see that as undesirable especially if they are unethical management skills. The improper use of the four functions of management, and failure to choose an organizational structure has a major impact on the health of a company.

Control Mechanics are the control function, within the four functions of management. Control is the process by which, a member of management directs the activities that are done by employees toward the achievement of that company's goal (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Control mechanics are implemented by a manager or management team to ensure that every employee is doing the job that they are expected to do.

The management team at most companies use the control cycle, the control cycle is four steps that are taken to ensure that the employees meet the goal that is expected of them to meet. The four steps of the control cycle are as follows; setting performance standards, measuring performance, comparing performance against the standards and determining deviations, and the last step is taking the corrective action necessary.

Performance setting standards are done to determine how much is being produced on a daily basis, tracks productivity of the employees, and is also used as a guide to determine what quota standards should be implemented. Being employed by the largest mail order pharmacy in North America, following the performance standards determines that company's financial goals, and the employee's annual pay rate increase. The next steps are comparing performance with the standard and performance measuring, which tells the management team...