Control Mechanisms

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Control mechanisms are important to every organization. Without them, it would be difficult to determine whether or not the planning, organizing and leading functions of management are effective and productive for the company. Although some mechanisms are used widely throughout many organizations and companies, some mechanisms are tailored to fit a specific organization. Management must determine the most appropriate control mechanisms for their company. In this paper, we provide a brief description of each of our companies' control mechanisms.

Cigna has developed an almost fail proof plan for controlling the functions of its management. We keep track of every process with different types of spreadsheets, reports, and statements which either proves the organization is working well or show where things need help so management can correct it quickly. Each operation, whether financial, physical, environmental, or mechanical is closely monitored with the different spreadsheets, statements, cost reports, and management analysis during staff meetings.

Employee reactions to some of the control methods the organization chooses to use range from acceptance to feeling as though the organization is invading the employee's privacy. The use of random drug screens, for instance, often produces a groan in the throat of every employee because of the fact that, although some are not, most of our employees are drug free and feel that the organization should have enough trust in them to believe that they are not endangering others lives with their own drug use. The organization does try to calm these anxieties by explaining to all employees the necessity of making their work environment safe from others who may not be drug free.

Concentra Medical Center has various control mechanisms to protect both the employee and the customer. One of the more important control mechanisms is the Estimated Daily Supply (EDS). When a new...