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Even within the most modern managed corporations, there are a certain degree of control mechanisms. These control mechanisms are to ensure that what should be done is getting done and correct. Control mechanisms can be defined "as any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of the organizational goals." (Bateman-Snell, 2003) In this paper we will briefly touch on a number of organizations and the control mechanisms and management styles used by those organizations.


The Aerospace industry has always been responsible for many of the modern marvels that are used today, at one time these were all cutting edge innovations. Lockheed Martin has always been a leader in this industry, but for all of the many technological innovations, it is very difficult to concede the methods of management found within the ranks.

With over sixteen years in the aerospace industry, the management style over all really has not changed that drastically and is still considered to be mostly traditional in concept.

The management is primarily based in a customary hierarchical organizational structure, from the VP down to the workforce can be found in the organizational charts. Each level of management is responsible for those below them and to those above them, in a very a centralized organizational concept. Depending on the mission of the department in which you are employed also determines the level of control in which management maintains over subordinates. Within this very formal management style is also a high level of control, this control is in the form of many control mechanisms. When working with actual deliverable products, such as spacecraft, other flight hardware or specially...