Control Mechanisms Executive Summary.

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There are multiple ways an organization uses control mechanisms. A company could develop a control system at an organization level, business unit level and individual level. Control mechanisms are used to monitor progress and evaluate performance.

Control Mechanisms Executive Summary

The fundamental forces that keep an organization together is through control systems. Controls typically are defined as any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of organizational goals.

A budget is a tool designed to restrain and guide economic resources for the benefit of individual, organizations, or governments in a definite period. Budgeting as a control mechanism, seeks to assure financial integrity, accountability and legal compliance and proceeds through several stages.

Schedule development is the process where you define and document all start and finish dates and you assigned activities to your schedule. Schedule Control is the process whereby changes to and deviations from the schedule are managed.

There are three common forms of schedules, the Gantt chart, The Project Network Diagram often called the PERT Chart and the Milestone Chart. (Project Management Institute [PMI}, 2000)

Control mechanisms are imperative to the existence of every organization. Without them, it would be difficult to verify whether the planning, organizing, leading, and control functions of management are effective and productive for the company. Market control mechanisms involve the use of economic forces and pricing to monitor, regulate, and evaluate performance.

Goal setting and making objectives is a control mechanism that each company requires to have in order to operate a successful business. Although some mechanisms are used widely throughout an organization, some mechanisms are tailored to fit a specific organizational group. By using control mechanisms companies will be able to thrive efficiently regardless of the level of experience of their employees.

In conclusion, every company needs some sort...