Control is power

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Control is Power

Throughout my life, I have had many experiences. I have learned from some, and not from others. Learning from your mistakes is the only control you have on your life. I have come to the philosophy that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. Many people blame their problems on other people and other things. This is a waste of their time. Not only does this not accomplish anything, it can cause further problems.

An event in my life that has effected me greatly is the divorce of my parents. It happened during the summer before my eighth grade school year. This may sound weird, but I still do not believe that it has happened. Sometimes I have to be reminded about it. I still love both of my parents, and they love me. We have healthy relationships with each other and live pretty normal lives.

There are a lot less cons to a divorce than one might think. You spend less time with each parent and you have to travel more. It is really not that bad.

Although I miss seeing my mother and father on a daily basis, I try to enjoy their company when I am lucky enough to do so. I have found that it does not matter what I am doing, but whom I am doing it with. I have pulled away from this experience that only I control how I feel. For example, I do not waste my time feeling bad for myself because of my situation. I simply accept my current life as what it is and move on, because time is something we all do not have enough of.

To really enjoy life, one must set out their goals in front of themselves...