Controlled Web Surfing.

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Many employees tend to abuse the privilege of having internet access at work, which is why Gregory Taillon like many others believes that "Employees' access to the Internet should be strictly controlled to protect security and to make sure employees aren't wasting company time." (Taillon, 2004, pg.16). Company information can be very valuable and a nonchalant attitude about Internet usage can be devastating to a company if a system were to contract a virus of some sort. There are viruses out there that will not only infect one system but can make its way around and infect multiple systems within the company's network. It is important to carefully monitor employee web surfing not only for security purposes, but to also increase productivity within the company.

Employees that abuse the internet and e-mail policy are only hurting themselves in the long run by taking away from productive company time, and ultimately could result in their termination.

"Set policies for Internet use. Rules need to exist before they can be enforced." (Taillon, 2004, pg.16). A company should not only implement a policy for internet use, but for e-mail as well; a plan needs to be in set to educate the employees of the policy and the consequences of their actions, and what could happen to the company. You can implement this by informing your staff in memos and at meetings about the problems associated with e-mail and internet use. During any weekly or monthly meetings, point out the consequences of their actions both for themselves and for your organization if they were to abuse the internet and e-mail usage policy. Even make a print out of the policy and post it either around the office or at each employee's desk (Bernardi, 2000, pg.17). Once the policy is set...