Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling Organized CrimeIntroductionOrganized crime is as much a part of American culture as apple and baseball. Organized crime has evolved just as the rest of society has evolved, slowly but surely it exists within every state within the United States. In a historical sense, piracy on the high seas lead by infamous characters such as Black Beard is proof that to some degree crime has always paid. In modern times organized crime may express itself in various forms. The various forms include the Italian mafia which is the quintessential vision that most people have of organized crime. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, a new crime force was born, the Russian mafia. Street gangs such as the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 and motor cycle gangs like Hell's Angels were at one time thought of by some as nothing more than a loose band of thugs, in fact, some of the most complex groups on any kind in terms of his or her organizational structure.

Regardless of which form of organized crime takes place, abundantly clear organized crime is showing no signs of slowing down or even being remotely under control. The continued growth and diversification of organized crimes continues to be a major problem for law enforcement and for law abiding citizens as a whole. Even though so much criminal activity is hard to control, different types of strategies the law enforcement are coming up with to get a grip on controlling organized crime such as identifying the problems and coming up with realistic solutions can hopefully put a stop to organized crime.

Identifying the ProblemCurrently, organized crime groups that are being fought today range from nationalities worldwide. For example, take the "Russian mobsters who fled to the United State in the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse;...