Controversial Issues From The Toronto Star

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Controversial Issues from The Toronto Star 1. Foot and Mouth Disease in Europe The outbreak of foot and mouth disease threatens the economics of agriculture and the health of the animals living in Europe. How well is it being handled? 2. Wars and Violence in Israel The violence between the Israelites and the Palestinians have killed hundreds of people and created an unsafe environment for all others involved. What should be done? 3. Toronto's 2008 Olympic bid Toronto is planning to spend millions of dollars if they are chosen to host the 2008 Olympics. Is it a good idea or not? 4. Quebec Summit The protest in Quebec, which has people from all over the world involved. What should be done? 5. Walkerton Tragedy The contaminated water that killed 7 and made 2,300 people sick. Who is to blame and how could it have been prevented? 6. Cancer which is linked to Cigarettes How cancer can be prevented and whether smoking at a young age can be stopped to decrease the amount of people with cancer.

7. Hells Angels in Ontario Whether or not they are a threat to residents and how violence can be prevented without discrimination.

8. The U.S. navy spy plane that was held in China With the 24 crew members held in China, the U.S. must safely get them home and find what actually happened.

9. The crushed rat head found in McDonalds hamburger The story covers whether or not fast food restaurants are sanitary and if they aren't, how the use of cleanliness can be enforced.

10. The Alliance Spy ring Whether or not Stockwell Day hired a spy to dig up dirt on the other parties.