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George Washington: Not the best man George Washington was born in 1732 into a planter family in Virginia. During the Revolutionary War, he was a great general, and led his troops to many key victories. He helped America gain its freedom, and was very well known and well liked among the entire nation. Being such a patriotic man, Washington accepted his role as the nation's first president in 1789. He was a very popular man when he became president, but he did not have many qualifications for president, besides the fact that he was a great general in the Revolutionary War and had good leadership skills. However, this did not make him a very good candidate for our nation's first president. Washington died of a throat infection on December 14, 1799.

Although Washington was a great general and a patriotic man, this does not mean that he was a good candidate for president.

He was only elected as the first president because he was so popular as a war hero, everyone in the entire nation knew who he was, and they all liked him as of that point in his life. He did not have any real qualifications for president besides the fact that he had good leadership skills, which were developed during his time as a general during the war. George Washington is to this day one of the most popular presidents in American history, but he was not a very good president, and is only so well known as president because he was the first.

If he were the second or third or so on president, he would not be nearly as well known for being such a "great" president and better known as a great general in the Revolutionary War who helped lead America to freedom.