The controversy of Euthanasia

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More than 5,000 people die each year from euthanasia (IAETF, electronic source). Euthanasia is defined as intentionally making someone die, rather than allowing them to die naturally. Of those 5,000 that die, 2,000 of the deaths were "active" deaths (by injection or suffocation), while the other 3,000 were killed by having their life-support systems disconnected. About half of these killings were not even for terminally ill patients, just people who were in great pain (Bender). Isn't it the primary obligation of the medical profession to preserve life, not end it? A person's life is to be treated with respect, and by killing them is not being respectful. It has always been a choice for a patient to have their life-support system disconnected, but no one should be murdered by injection or pills. Euthanasia is illegal in 49 states of the US and is the number one from of suicidal death (Boucher).

Euthanasia goes against religious beliefs. It ends a person's life prematurely, and could lead to the atrocities that were seen during the Nazi era.

If people are meant to die then they will. Only God has the right to terminate life, since God is the creator of it. Some may argue God wants people to live their life without pain. But doesn't everybody live everyday with pain? God's only son lived in pain and was killed in pain. Why then, would God want it to be any different for mankind? Also, people don't kill themselves when they break their wrist, even though it is painful. Then why kill someone when they are sick and in pain? All the doctors who kill their patients are trying to be God, and are not helping the patient. No one has the right to play God. Everyone has the duty to lead their...