The Controversy Over the Dieppe Raid

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The raid on Dieppe in World War Two was a disaster and woefully resulted in the loss of many lives, but why? The planning of the raid was incomplete and lacked many important factors. The intelligence that the Allied Forces had gained to plan the raid on Dieppe was incorrect or incomplete. There were no lessons learned at Dieppe that were not already known or could have been learned without the raid. The Dieppe Raid was highly flawed and this was the fault of the planners of the raid.

The Dieppe raid was a failure because its planning lacked many important factors. Before the planning for the Dieppe Raid, an older operation had been intended to be carried out at Dieppe. This was codenamed “Operation Rutter.” Prior to executing operation Rutter though, it was shelved. Now in 1942, the Dieppe Raid had been proposed and was much different from its predecessor and not necessarily for the better.

Unlike the initial plan, there was to be no heavy aerial bombardment of the area before the raid. This was because the Allies did not want their bombers to be distracted from their nightly raids on Dieppe and also because the British thought there would be too many civilian casualties. However, an aerial bombardment of the area should have been a necessary part of the raid. It had so many more benefits and even the cost would not have been that much but it was still not a part of the plan. This deficiency contributed to the failure of the Dieppe raid. The battleship support was also greatly reduced to only 8 destroyers which employed the Royal Navy’s smallest calibre guns. Could a vaster majority of naval units such as battleships and cruisers have changed the outcome of the raid? Some...