"Convict Lake" A true story about an adventurous day-hike in the Mammoth Lakes area.

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This is a true story about a day's adventure in the Mammoth Lakes area. Mammoth Lakes is located just south of Yosemite, California. The Mammoth Lakes valley used to be an extremely active volcanic crater. The area is still active, but you only feel the occasional tremor. There are many hot springs in the local creeks and rivers, many of which contain arsenic. In the winter, Mammoth is a skier's haven. The sidewalks will soon be heated, due to some new construction. This story takes place at the end of summer at the nearby Convict Lake.

It was a cool and sunny, Saturday morning at Mammoth Lakes. I stepped out of our trailer and onto the moist ground below my feet. Last night it had rained lightly, just enough to tease the forest air. I looked into the motor home across from ours. On the dash board there were 2 small dogs resting with their heads next to each other.

One was a little black terrier, the other, just a white ball of fur. I walked back inside and grabbed the two leashes for my own two poodles. They were whining and whimpering, just wanting to dart outside.

"Alright, alright. Shhh. You'll wake them up." I was trying the best I could to quiet them down so that they wouldn't wake my family. I opened the screen door and was pulled forward by the force of the two of them wanting to get out. We walked around smelling this bush, and that bush, and oh, wait; we can't forget that tree over there. On our way back I stared up at the surrounding mountains. They were so majestic; I couldn't stop being intrigued by them. Today we were going to go hiking in those very giants.

Back in the...