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Cool Hand Luke is the story of group of prisoners forced to work on a chain gang. The main character Luke, is picked up in the beginning after he gets drunk and knocks up some parking meters. As part of this gang, Luke stands out as a leader to the rest of the guys. They all look up to him, because he stands up to the boss, captain, and the man with no eyes. His rebellious ways cause him to be put in the box ,though. The box is a form of what we know now as solitary confinement. The box, consisted of four wooden walls and a ceiling, and was no bigger than a Port-a-John. You would be sent to the box with: no food, nothing but a bucket to piss in, as well as, being forced to sleep standing up for a number of days. Luke manages to escape a number of times.

After the first time he is captured and given chains which make it difficult to move your legs. Then the second time he was given four days in the box and worked unmercifully one day until he finally breaks down and begs for them to stop. All the other guys see this and are so let down that they lose all the faith they had in Luke, they almost feel betrayed. The next day Luke becomes a runner for the bosses, he fetches water, their guns, and a turtle that the man with no eyes shoots in the water. All the while Luke is just planning his next escape, because after fetching the turtle Luke and his buddy Dragline take off in one of the trucks. Then, when they try to catch him they find out he has stolen the keys from the other...