Cool Hand Luke Vs One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Larissa Beard

Mr. Kingsley

English 11

27 October 2014

Cool Hand Luke VS. One flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

There are many similarities between the novel, "One flew over the cuckoo's nest," and the movie, "Cool hand Luke." For example, Nurse Ratched and the bosses, Chief and Dragline each share similar qualities. The most obvious similarities though, include Luke and McMurphy.

In the two separate settings of confinement, Luke and McMurphy became leaders. At the prison Luke was cool without a doubt, which motivated the others to follow his lead. Though when he stepped out of line, the warden whipped him for everyone to see. Likewise, McMurphy is the same, keeping the Acutes above authority. For example, when McMurphy goes and turns on the TV to the World Series, Nurse Ratched turns it off from the nurses' station. McMurphy then proceeds to watch the blank TV in protest, and the Acutes join him and watch the blank screen as if the TV were really on.

"Harding shuts off the buffer, and leaves it in the hall, and goes pulls him a chair up alongside McMurphy and sits down and lights him a cigarette too."(Page 128) This pushed Nurse Ratched over the edge, and she later make a "bet" with the doctors that she can break McMurphy. I think that McMurphy will have a similar death to Luke's. McMurphy will escape with Chief. And I also think that McMurphy will be killed, and Chief will be sent back to the hospital.

The only difference between McMurphy and Luke is the person who controls them. For McMurphy it was nurse Ratched, and for Luke it was the prison camp boss. Ratched and the warden both play the classic villains who think they're the heroes. Nurse Ratched thinks she is doing what's best...