Coping with Responsibility: How Reliable is Daycare? (with full-sentence outline and works cited)

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Coping with Responsibility: How reliable is daycare?

Thesis: Although the general public would suggest parents being responsible for their children, it is often a hard task to manage.

Introduction: Certain circumstances prevent many parents from being able to be held responsible for their children at all times.

I.Between work and children, life is often too fast-paced to be able to worry about children.

A.The Bell family can provide an example of how working parents must strive to take responsibility of children.

B.Many companies have family-friendly programs for parents with younger children.

II.Parents do not take advantage of the family-friendly programs for many reasons.

A.Many families suffer financially and must work to earn all possible income.

B.Many individuals worry that using family-friendly policies may lead to the creased chance of lay-offs during downsizing.

C.Many employees claim to be unaware of existing family-friendly policies.

D.The role of home and work have somehow changed values.

1.New management ideas have made work more pleasant.

2.Home stresses and divorce rates are increasing.

3.The Avery example can illustrate frustrations at home and offer personal reasons for wanting to work more hours.

III.Many parents feel guilty for sending children to daycare and wonder if time spent in daycare will have lasting effects on children.

A.Few negative effects from daycare programs do exist.

1. Daycare for infants pose few threats to developmental skills necessary to properly progress into toddlership.

2.Care for toddlers often involves leaving many children with young,unskilled workers.

3.Pre-schoolers are able to adapt to group settings in daycare easiest of all age groups.

B.Most long term effects of time in daycare centers are positive.

Conclusion: I personally will have children of my own and plan to equally take advantage of family-friendly policies and daycare centers.

Coping with Responsibility: How reliable is...