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Coppelia Act 2Description: The dance that was analysed for this assignment was Coppelia Act 2; the Australian ballet company performed Coppelia. In this dance there were three dancers Coppelia, Coppelias/ Swanhilda and Frans. Coppelia was a man who was a doll maker, he was a medium size build and very fit. Throughout the dance Coppelia wore a cloak, black pants, a white shirt and a vest Coppelia was one out of two main dancers.

Coppelias/Swanhilda was the doll that Coppelia made. She was a small build, very fit and also had flexibility. Coppelias was wearing a short tutu, leotard and a fluffy head piece and her costume was blue. Coppelias had a lot of make- up, making her look more doll like. She was another one of the main performers.

Frans was a man who wore a red blouse, black pants and matching red boots. Frans did not move throughout the performance as he was trapped on a wheel.

The dance was performed on a proscenium stage. On stage there were dolls heads, cabinets, tables, dolls and other already made toys such as a jack in the box. The dance was performed on a stage set as a toy shop. There were also props used during the performance including a jug, potion, mirror and a wheel.

The lighting was kept very simple, with flashes of green, but mainly a light blue wash. The music used was soft at some stages and louder at others; the music was well suited to the story and the performance. It was a bit boring as it was playing the same sort of music for the whole 7 minutes and 33 seconds.

The two main performers both moved in different ways on the stage. Coppelias/ Swanhida was more graceful, but used sharp movement throughout...