How to Copy an Audio CD.

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As size of data getting bigger every day we need more free space. Nowadays most people buy music album on CD (Compact Disk). In addition, for their cars or other in their families, they copy Audio CD and one of the required knowledge nowadays is how to copy a Music CD. There are three major steps for copying CD. These steps are choosing and buying the right CD, knowing what kind of copy method you want to use and finally burning your CD. Now new softwares that today we can buy them make it easier for professional and specially for unprofessional users.

When you go to an electronics store, you can find a full section of different types of CDs. Some of them are chip and some of them little expensive. However, for audio CD you do not have to buy expensive ones. Since every CD-burner copies data in different speed you should know your driver's speed.

For example if your CD drive can copy CD from 1X to 12X you do not need to buy a 36X CD. In addition, if you do not have a rewriteable CD-drive do not buy a RW-CD because it costs more and it does not work on your drive.

The next step is to copy music files as .WAV format to your computer. If you have two CD drive on your computer and you do not have enough space on you hard drive you skip this step and go to next step. Format of music files are WAVE that means for a 4-minute song takes about 40MB of your hard drive, therefore you have to have enough free space on your hard drive for copying an album. To copy music files you cannot simply open you CD drive from My Computer and...