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Good morning, everybody. Thank you for coming to this presentation about the topic of "Stop illegal downloading". Today I want to talk about an issue that is relevant to all of us. There is no point in arguing that the Internet has become the most popular means of communication in the twenty-first century. Sharing content with your online friends is convenient, fast, fun, easy, and what probably is also free of charge or affordable. So, I suppose it would be strange to assume that any of you haven't at least once downloaded any pictures, films and songs from any social media platform.

So...let me briefly explain the theory about the terms "downloading". A basic method can use software that connects in to a peer-to-peer network to search for shared files on the computers of other users connected to the network. Files of interest can then be downloaded directly from other users on the network.

Typically, large files are broken down into smaller chunks, which may be obtained from multiple peers and then reassembled by the downloader. This is done while the peer is simultaneously uploading the chunks it already has to other peers.

But, what we seldom think about are the copyright issues behind every video, picture or song we transmit over the Internet.

Intellectual property is the term given to any idea that is legally protected. The 'idea' can be anything intangible-a song, movie, picture or theory, for example. Intellectual property is protected by copyrights or trademarks. Normally we can get those products from purchasing. When people get those items from internet by downloading without any official approval , it can cause illegal downloading.

In the past, The most influential case can be chased to Year 1999. Napster was the world's first software that allowed users to...