Copyright Infringement

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The introduction of the Internet has provided public access to great deal and almost endless amount of information from all around the world. With the explosion of information on the world-wide-web and still increasing growth of the Internet, there is an absolute need to protect the creators and their works or ideas from those who would copy their work. The solution for this problem is called copyrights. In this assignment, I will define and discuss the copyright and will also mention a few copyright issues that associated with the internet, such as web downloading, web publishing, Implied Access, and Composite web pages and the use of some copyright related law to determine whether copyright infringement has occurred.

Berne Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property defines 'Copyright' as a system of law which protects creators from those who would copy their works or products. Copyright subsists in all original published and unpublished literacy, dramatic, musical artistic works and in films, sound recordings and broadcasts.

Copyright protects the expression of an idea, not the idea itself provided works are fixed in a tangible or material form and the idea or work must satisfy the requirement of originality, if it has not been copied from another copyright work or idea.

Many countries have different definition of the copyright law for copyright protection and duration of copyrights. For example, in Australia under the Copyright Act 2000, copyright protection is automatic, with no registration required and the duration is usually about 50 years after the creator's death for all original works from literacy to musical or artistic works. "The massive power of the internet can destroy a writer who may depend for his living on the sale of copies of his book or can destroy a musician who makes their living from...