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Cordoba, Spain is a country with many things to offer its visitors. It is not only extremely historic, it is also a very beautiful country with many things to sight see. Throughout the years, the country has come up from the dirt, and has become prosperous in a modest sort of way.

Cordoba is a city in southern Spain, capital of Cordoba Province, in Andalucia, and one of Spain's most famous cities located on the Guadalquivir River. This city has retained its older sections of whitewashed walls, narrow streets, and colorful patios that once belonged to the Moorish cities.

Cordoba is a trade center for the olives and citrus fruit produced nearby and also has many manufacturing industries. Products that are traded also include processed food, beer, textiles, machinery, and refined copper. A variety of handcrafted items are also traded, especially silver and leather goods, and are also produced to be sold to the many tourists who visit the city.

Many of the Cordoban people fill their free hours playing chess and a board game called Mangala. Mangala is played when players throw dice and move beads around on a board shaped like a modern egg carton today. Reciting poetry was also another favorite pastime for the Cordoban people. They also liked to play the lute. It was a very popular instrument that often appeared in royal settings.

There are many noteworthy building in Cordoba, but probably the most noteworthy is the great cathedral, Mezquita, which originally was constructed as a Moorish mosque on the site of a Roman temple, and also later became a Visigothic

church. This Cordoban mosque was noted as Spain's largest and most beautiful Muslim

holy building before it's conversion into a Christian Church in 1236. Five times a day, a

muezzin, or crier, climbed...