Core Competencies for a Lead Flash Animator/Web Designer.

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Competencies for a Lead Flash Animator/Web Designer are being able to work in a team to finish up final products. They must also have a creative imagination to figure out what would be most appealing and interesting to the public. Knowing how to run a program is pretty simple, it is having the design skills to know how to really use it.

Elaina Fleming has worked with clients Disney Online, Warner Bros, Fox Films, and NBC to name a few. She has done anything from websites to games.

To work in a team can be the crucial point in a project. Sometimes you will come across a person who is called a digital 'jack of all trades,' meaning that this person doesn't specialize in any one kind of skill such as layouts, programming, coding, or animation. It is good to have knowledge in all skills, but it is best to specialize in one while still being familiar with all the others.

Communication is important to this job because if there is poor communication skills, the entire story will not flow. Focusing on the story is a major asset to completing a good product that people will actually want to see.

Lead flash animators and web designers must be able to use their creativity to reach its full potential. Elaina Fleming said that she has seen too many computer projects where by the time you finish watching, all you can do is shrug and say, "it looked cool, but what the heck was that about?" That explains how the cartoon South Park became so popular. There really isn't anything in that cartoon that makes any sense whatsoever.

In a job like this, you have to want to continue learning because technology and programs continue to change. New things come out...