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What is Aardvark's core competence? The general consensus of the reading states it to be Aardvark's creative ability. Aardvark's reputation may be for its creativity, but all advertising agencies must also be "creative" in order to compete in the market. The company has grown from startup to a half billion dollar firm in seven years. Given the aggressiveness and amount of competitors, Aardvark has a niche, but even Caldwell and Rafferty may not understand all the underlying reasons behind it. "Creativity" seems to be too general of concept to be considered as a core competence. The ability to research and develop a campaign/slogan/jingle that will stay with the target consumer and create "brand recognition" for products is their core competency. Simply stated, Aardvark is outstanding with the delivery of an impressionable message; they can take the basic point of buy my product message and make it into the water cooler conversation.

As a core competence, delivering an impressionable message, expanding into market counsel is another expansion of how the company can be prosperous. Aardvark is thoroughly familiar with its clients and the existing brands offered and what could be offered by them. They seem to be capable in predicting whether or not the message of a new product can compete with other offerings, and predict the amount of time the message will remain impressionable. Finally, for the reason that they must understand the market for a client's products, they have expounding experience researching market trends across a variety of industries. Rafferty demonstrates this during his luncheon and meeting with Caldwell presenting the fact findings about the openness of the potential market expansion and the players already in it. This is also clearly shown by Rafferty's research of the energy drink market. Even though Rafferty...