Cornel West

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Brief biography

Was born on the second day of June in the year 1953

He was a descendant of people who were once slaves

His family moved to California where he was forced to take the same education option like all children of the African American race.

His enthusiasm was spread to religion as he was fascinated by the church and the way people would discuss the strength and fighting spirit of their slave ancestors.

Cornel West is known for his activism and his many writings on the topic of race

He focuses his pragmatic work on the social and political issues.

He has also looked into the well hidden issues that affect the society.

West looked into issues related to multiculturalism, racism and socialism

His first book titled 'Prophecy Deliverance' combines Marxism and Christian philosophies to analyze social issues.

West is concerned with instigating change in the society.

West was responsible for expanding leadership from its simple meaning to the social world.

With West arriving at a high point with his latest publication, there has been a lot of critical response and acceptance and/ or rejection of his philosophies

His writing titled "The American Invasion of Philosophies" has been faulted by many scholars for being too broad in some of the issues.

Informative Speech on Cornel West

In this generation, the world needs another leader like Martin Luther King, Jr. The world needs a leader who is not afraid of stating the truth and explaining his points in clear and well defined language. A leader who is ready to face the consequences of his actions, simply because he believes that his actions are justified and that they are for the good of the whole society. This is especially important considering that issues related to race...