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Wiebke Vogt

Dr. Shawn Huelle

Written Communication 1 - SS2013 - Monday

July 29, 2013

Cornell Box Project Essay

"I like to ride. Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes.(…) Can't stop, don't want to either" (Koepp, Premium Rush). This seems to be the motto of Wilee, a Ney York City bike messenger, in the movie Premium Rush directed by David Koepp. This fast paced American action thriller is the basis of my Cornell Style Box Project. This movie introduces the audience to the dangers and joy of riding a bicycle for living. The non-chronological storyline with flashbacks and flash forwards provides the audience with valuable background information on characters and motivations as the movie goes on, disrupting the fast paced chase through New York City giving the movie some depth and therefore keeping the story interesting.

The movie only shows a small fragment out of Wilee's life as a bike messenger who loves riding on the edge, waving through traffic, dogging cars and pedestrians alike.

One day Wilee accepts a delivery to Chinatown. Little does he know about the content of the envelope and its worth of 50000 Dollar. He is soon chased by the high indebted gambling-addicted NYPD detective Bobby Monday who needs the envelope to pay back his debt to a local loan shark. Chased through the city by the aggressive detective, Wilee returns the envelope back to the college where it is taken up by his rival Manny, another bike messenger. Learning the truth about the envelope from the client Nima, Wilee chases after Manny to get it back. After obtaining the envelope Wilee is hit by a taxi and lands in an ambulance together with detective Monday who could not find the envelope because it is hidden inside the handlebars of Wilee's broken bike.