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Curtis Brown


Cornell West A Professor of Manipulation

On March 26th f this year I was forced to endure Cornell west's religiously charged Marxist sermon at the Wilder center. Mr. West's entire lecture seemed more like a rally rather than a lecture, it became apparent when students agreed to him rather than to follow what they believed even in some acts that seemed lawfully questionable.

It looked quite laughable when he discussed the assassination attempts on his life conducted by the Central intelligence agency and the Federal Bureau of investigation. He tried the cater his failing heath to make it seem that there was a war within America, white vs. black. The thing that made me excruciating mad was that the masses believed in him with out even considering all the things that come into play in getting anything done in this nation we live in. though I bow to the fact that as a country we have innumerable problems but the suggestion of sub par militant activity is not the way to address it.

Though I will give Mr. West this credit; with as many lectures as he given he knows how to manipulate the crowd while still being able to remain relevant to his subject and goal. They say that the tongue of silver is the gift of a profound leader or that of a daemon I wonder what role he will take in the years to come in consideration of his note about his aspiration of the possible of holding a public office.

What I learned above all else from this lecture is that who ever is scheduling these speakers has an agenda that could be considered hostile by many activist standards. A also learned that by adding on catch phrases such as 'Let freedom...