Corporal Punishment

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Topic: Corporal Punishment POSITION Statement (5): Corporal Punishment when use in conjunction with Retributive Justice, is a necessary tool in the upbringing of children for the simple fact that it works.

DEFINITIONS of key terms (5): Corporal punishment: punishment appied to the body of an offender, such as whipping and imprisonment, and includes the death penalty.

Punishment: As in rewards and Punishment , a needed tool as it leads to incentives to learn.

Retributive Justice: Justice concerned with punishing or rewarding an individual.

SOURCES for DEFINITIONS: Websters 3rd New International Dictionary, FIRST AFFIRMATIVE ARGUMENT(5): Corporal Punishment works as an incentive to learn.

Look at programs that instill a Military style boot camp. The daily physical workout on the body to most of them is real physical pain. We should all know, that a good physical excercise of the body, leads to a good clean mind, and good physical health.

SECOND AFFIRMATIVE ARGUMENT(5): The use of Corporal Punsihment in conjunction with Retributive Justice has had a significant impact on crime.

THIRD AFFIRMATIVE ARGUMENT(5): Proper instrumentation of Corporal Punishment and Proper Justice for its abuse can only lead society to better generations to come.

FIRST COUNTER ARGUMENT: Why are educators and phychologist, against these military style boot camps? REBUTTAL TO FIRST COUNTER ARGUMENT(5): There are only nine states that have taken Corporal Punishment out of the schools. Educators that have spoken out against Corporal Punishment are indeed from these states. Psychologists believe that constant verbal confrontation leads to a lower selfesteem. Yes, it is a fact that the abuse of the use of Corporal Punishment can have a significant effect on someone. That is why it is just as important to make the punishments of abuse of its use, just as horifying as possible, say equal punishment administered by the...