Corporal Punishment

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In disagreement with spanking I will state there is a fine line between love and abuse. What separates the two? What merits that punishment? Also who gets to choose what merits it? Parents use a number to reasons to use spanking as a form of discipline.

The issue I wish to present is whether or not spanking leads to a rise in child abuse and later violence. Do children who are spanked or physically punished see spanking as a violent act? Do they learn to see violence as an acceptable way to solve a problem? When parents spank their children is it out of love or violence? I believe that spanking sets the example of violence as the answer. I also believe it does not teach a set of values it simply causes fear. If a child is spanked for talking back, they will not learn not to talk out of values but out of fear.

It has yet to teach anything but not to talk back in front of or to the person that has spanked them. In spanking the child you have not set an example that you want your child to follow in the future. New studies have shown that children who are abused by their parents physically, emotionally, or sexually grow up and become abusive parents.So I believe the effect of spanking is anti-productive. The irony of this is horrible to teach a child not to hit with this type of punishment you would hit the child. This makes no sense to the child ,im sure, nor does it to me. This type of retribution was found unfair and obsolete. I never have and probably never will accept this as a legitimate way to solve problems.

I believe using things like this sends us back...