Corporal Punishment Is Necessary.

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By way of background, we all know that corporal punishment in one form or another has been around in teaching for centuries. It certainly is not a new issue. The definition of corporal punishment is as follows; "An act by a parent or other caretaker which is intended to cause physical pain, but not injury, for purposes of correction or control.". Mostly people tend to agree that punishment towards adolescent who's wrong is necessary in order to educate them. To make it more specific, corporal punishment should be selectively administered. The principals and governing bodies should decide whether to use it based on their circumstances and the offence. Parents and teachers should work hand in hand and jointly determine the nature of the punishment.

It does not only go as far as to benefit the students themselves though but also benefits the parents as well because all pupils with any sense (which they will all have because of the quieter environment) will do their homework which will keep their children indoors and away from trouble.

There will also be less bullying in schools, theft and fights because the pupils will know what the consequences are and will not have the desire to face the consequences. It is a reassurance to know that your child will be safe and will not do anything drastically wrong. It will let parents be calm and know that their child is getting a good education and personally I cannot see anything wrong with it.

In conclusion, adolescent will grow up learning that corporal punishment is normative. Corporal punishment will encourage children to recognize harmful effects of their aggression and to empathize with victims of aggression. In addition, a child will learn how to fear and this could also reduces opportunities for adult supervision and constructive...