Corporate Citizenship In Miami

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Corporate Citizenship Miami is one the largest cities in the United States. It contains a very diversified community in which many corporations are based in. Because of the nature of such a metropolitan area, many social, economic and cultural problems arise. Crime has fortunately been dropping recently but many community problems are commonplace. The variance of the community specific to Miami poses special concerns to those businesses located here. Because of the nature of Global Expansions, Inc. the assistance of the corporation will largely fall in economic, social and cultural realms.

Miami houses a large immigrant population because of its geographic proximity and its ethnic make-up so many obstacles stem from this population. A large low-skilled workforce, high illiteracy and slow language acquisition are common. Of the 2.1 million residents in Miami-Dade 66% are Hispanic, 21% Black and 13% White. Of this group of Hispanics more than 75% are either first or second-generation immigrants.

The poses problems for the school system because of the necessity to teach children to be functionally bilingual. Miami-Dade has the highest unemployment rate, 7.2%, of any U.S. urban area. A devastating 1/3 of all adults have not finished high school. Illiteracy, adult education, language programs in the schools are obvious concerns that need to be addressed. Miami-Dade also struggles with drug-related crimes and severe traffic congestion. Global Expansions, Inc assists corporations with expansion into foreign global markets, are areas of expertise are good assets for educational and cultural problems specifically in such an assorted municipality.

Illiteracy : An essential problem to be addressed because of its acuteness to indirectly decreasing unemployment and providing the community with a more educated and better skilled labor force. As a corporation GEI, could provide economic support to already established programs at local community centers. We could also encourage...