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IntroductionCorporate culture is the collective behavior of people using common visions, goals, customs, traditions, shared values, and beliefs. Corporate culture can also be interconnected to processes, technology, learning and events within the organization. (Kotelnikov 2001). Observing a company's corporate culture, insightful learning can be accomplished.

Corporate culture is enduring and complex, and may hold both negative and positive consequence on staff and the workplace. In many ways, corporate culture can affect the continued existence of an organization. Having a clear understanding of the culture can help clarify why certain changes do not occur, or why projects do not achieve something. Culture can also determine where to attempt to make changes to the culture. (Schachter 2005). The importance of comprehending the corporate culture allows individuals to understand the distinction between attracting and hold on to valued employees. Forcing away the best employees with a negative culture, one that is unpromising, simple, and provides no recognition or rewards system.

(Schachter 2005) Companies that can successfully line their corporate culture with marketing efforts have a tendency to do better in the marketplace. (Schachter 2005)Corporate Culture and Customer ServiceCorporate culture and customer service influence each other. Corporate culture affects employee satisfaction. If the company has a disorganized routine, there exists a lack of clarity around expectations and no consistent actions of leadership. This can cause employees to feel frustrated, confused, and dissatisfied with the workforce. With these feelings of dissatisfaction, the morale and motivational levels plummet. (Rael 2003) Performance levels can be adversely impacted and this impacts the company's ability to implement a business strategy. This in turn can affect the quality of the product and the service and affect customer satisfaction.

Another customer service issue that can occur is if the company is out of sync. This means that the values and...