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Southwest Airlines is the fun airline. Southwest is an organization whose focus is on the customers as well as its employees. The main philosophy of the airline is to provide the consumer with low budget no frills flights. They do not provide meals but they do hand out peanuts. Handing out the peanuts signifies that their fares are so low that you can fly for peanuts (Allerton, 1996). CEO Herb Kelleher has instilled corporate values that are distinct from any other business. According to J. Quick author of Crafting an Organizational Culture: Herb's Hand at Southwest Airlines, Southwest has "three pillars of belief" which are "Value 1: Work should be can be play...enjoy it. Value 2: Work is important...don't spoil it with seriousness. Value 3: People are important...each one makes a difference" (Quick, 1992).

Southwest has over 400 offices, with its main office being located in Dallas, Texas, the remaining offices are makeshift offices located on Boeing 737's that operate out of 59 different cities within the United States.

The planes are 231 feet 10 inches long with a wingspan of 211 feet 5 inches. (Boeing, n.d.) This is not the typical workspace for an office worker. Therefore, Southwest goes the extra mile to assure that the workers face an upbeat culture. Southwest employees enjoy casual dress attire, the right to speak out and to hire people with attitude, which Southwest believes creates a culture that keeps its employees excited about their jobs.

Southwest has maintained a high-level of recognition. Southwest has a reputation for thinking out of the box and creating innovative ideas. In the late 1990's Southwest thought that they had created an original and innovative slogan, which was "Just Plane Smart." Unfortunately, the slogan was not as creative as Southwest thought. Stevens Aviation located in...