Corporate Culture Within a Child care Organization

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Corporate culture can be defined as the multiple policies of an organization which are responsible for building a professional atmosphere affecting the behaviors and performance of employees and stem from the overall values, traditions, customs and fundamental philosophy of the company. (Webster’s 2006) Organizational cultures, similar to human cultures, include common beliefs and assumptions and special values that coincide with the organization. Just as individuals grow and change in respect to his or her views and personality interests due to experiences, an organization’s culture also changes shape due to the social interactions that take place within. The powerful impact a corporate culture has on an organization can sometimes be overlooked by managers and employees due to how comfortable individuals may have become with how interactions have always taken place. The surface of a culture is what is physically observed within the organization such as employees’ behavior and the visible representation of different items.

A deeper look into an organization’s corporate culture reveals its underlying values and true philosophy. Corporate culture directly influences organizations interactions concerning customer relations and social responsibility.

The child care center where I am currently employed has a strong organizational culture that has been shaped by former and current employees including policies, regulations and interactions with one another. Typically, it is not until there is a need for change or a requirement to do so where both management and employees realize how dominant that culture truly is. When I first working within this organization I came prepared with so many ideas I wanted to implement in my classroom and plans for creating a wholeness among the staff. Once I had the opportunity to interact with other employees and get to know families, I realized the staff members were already in a set routine as to how...